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Georgia Basement Drying

A wet basement is a common problem in any household. It might happen due to extreme weather conditions or foundation damage, a cracked pipe or inappropriate use of your washing machine. In any of this cases drying the flooded floor and walls properly is essential to prevent any other additional damage. Master Water and Fire restoration will help anyone in Georgia to dry their basement and combat further moisture problems and mold. If you have a wet basement emergency, we are ready to help you in half an hour after you contact us!

Residential Flooded Basement and Crawlspace Cleanup in Atlanta

Serving a population of more than 651,154 in Atlanta and the surrounding area , we understand the importance of keeping your basement dry. If you experienced a flood in the basement, or in the crawlspace, we can help dry it out and clean it up.

Commercial Flooded Basement and Crawlspace Cleanup in Atlanta

Whether you use your business basement or not, it is important to keep it dry to avoid mold. We have a commercial rapid response team, standing by to dry and clean your basement in case of flooding and put it back together to minimize any downtime or business interruptions.

basement drying in Atlanta, GA

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We wish no one would ever suffer fire damage but unfortunately unexpected happens.


Any disaster caused by water turnes out to be very expensive because the effects of it make people suffer for a long period..


Some molds also produce mycotoxins that can pose serious health risks to humans and animals.


Unfortunately such natural disasters as powerful storms, heavy showers or hail are happening more frequently every year.



We serve all over Georgia.

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